UpTime Consulting Network Solutions

It's About UpTime

Fixing your network is important. But ultimately, isn't it more important to keep all of the technology your business relies upon working efficiently and reliably? Isn't it about UpTime?

"Stability and Security by Design"

I have been using that phrase in the networking courses that I teach for many years. A great network, one that supports the needs of a company, doesn't just happen. Technology should be implemented in a way that solves business problems and meets an organizational goals. That can only be accomplished by analysing those problems and goals in order to design a solution that works. This is the basis of the UpTime CNS methodology.
- Ed Gallagher


  • The right technology implemented in the right way at the right time
  • Software and hardware components that keep your business running
  • Policies and procedures that help to ensure business continuity


  • Legal and Industry security compliance requirements
  • Intelectual Property safeguards
  • Customer and Employee identity protection


Payment Card Industry PCI-DSS

HIPAA Security Rule

FERPA Privacy Act

FISMA National Sevurity Interests

FTC FINRA Red Flags Rule


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